How can we integrate with Swiss Post?

This article shows you the different ways you can connect to us with your webshop or ERP.

System available

To ensure a cost-efficient customs clearance process and to avoid/reduce the risk of delays due to customs controls, high data quality is required. There are three transmission options:

  Provider Shipping & Customs Data
Option 1

Barcode Shipping*

via API
Option 2 Asendia Shipping via API
Option 3* eTracking via API

*The following integration options are available for Barcode Shipping

How long does it take to ship with the SGF service?

There are several factors that significantly influence how long it takes before you can start shipping to Switzerland:

System to be integrated

If you use one of the systems illustrated above, we can start barcode shipping very quickly via Plug & Play with the help of our integration software. If you need an individual connection to our Asendia or eTracking API, you will have to calculate higher efforts.

Existing data quality

Certain data MUST be available in a certain quality. This is especially true for customs related data. If this is not the case, you have to improve your data - we are happy to help.


Given project and developer resources

For an individual connection, you need to allow approx. 3 developer days. Due to feedback loops and testing, you can assume approx. 2 weeks until a launch if the data is good.

Net effort and lead time for the integration



Connection option

Net expenditure for integration

Lead time

Option 1

Barcode Shipping*

30-120 minutes via remote onboarding

2 days

Option 2

Asendia Shipping

approx. 3 developer days 

2 weeks

Option 3


approx. 3 developer days

2 weeks

How we support dealers with onboarding

Our aim is to get our dealers up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. In doing so, we rely on close and personal support - no waiting loops or similar inconveniences. 

Your personal advisor will guide you through the onboarding process in a structured manner. To ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible at the start, you will receive a checklist where we clarify everything important with you.


We are looking forward to our joint start 🚀