What tracking information is available to me

In this article we show you what tracking information is available to you.


The shipment status of all items (including returns) can be tracked at any time using Swiss Post's Track&Trace system.

Swiss Post offers all Swiss recipients the option of subscribing to the "My consignments" service. With this free service, the recipient is kept informed regardless of information from the sender. He also has access to additional services.

Notifications to the recipient:

  • Processing at the parcel centre
  • Delivery
  • Pick-up slip left (if the parcel is ready for pick-up at the post office)
  • Pick-up reminder (if a parcel has not been picked up at the post office shortly before the pick-up deadline)

Other services via "My shipments"

  1. Manage delivery if a delivery was unsuccessful.
  2. Desired day: The item can be delivered free of charge on certain days of the week.
  3. Time window: The item can be delivered within a predefined time window on the desired day.
  4. Alternative address: The item can be redirected to an alternative delivery location if desired (PickPost, etc.).
  5. Deposit: The parcel can be deposited at a specific location (at the front door, in the garden shed / garden box, etc.).
  6. Delivery to a neighbour: The parcel can be delivered to a neighbour.

Attention: Services 1-4 can only be offered for the parcel channel.