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Customs tariff classification made easy for e-commerce traders

Switzerland is very interesting for e-commerce retailers. This is because the Swiss have a high purchasing power and are open to foreign products due to the locally limited product variety. If only it weren't for the complicated import customs clearance procedure. But don't worry: you're not alone! 


Save on shipping to Switzerland

Looking to import goods into Switzerland, but it seems too complex and expensive? It isn’t! In this blog post, we will show you how toup to 60% of your shipping costs while avoiding a lot of hassle. Learn six ways to save money, avoid opportunity cost traps and reach Swiss customers easily.


Precious metal control

Imagine Gollum from Lord of the Rings as a jeweller trying to bring his “Precious” – the One Ring – into Switzerland. He would have to comply with the Precious Metals Control Act (PMCA) that regulates trade in such goods. Do you want to import goods made of silver, platinum, gold or palladium or simply fashion jewellery into Switzerland, too? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll tell you how to get that ring to its destination without falling foul of the authorities. 



Cites Flora and Fauna

Are you an e-commerce retailer who wants to import a pair of chic crocodile leather boots, ivory chess pieces, rare species of orchids, coral necklaces or other exotic items into Switzerland? But do you have the feeling that it might not be so easy, because some complicated Swiss customs regulations or other special rules could thwart your plans? 


VOC tax in Switzerland – what you need to know

It isn’t just coronavirus that’s posing challenges for e-commerce retailers. Swiss customs, too, can be a tricky customer. We’ll explain what the VOC incentive tax is, and where it applies.


Optimise the returns process for Importing Goods to Switzerland

Online merchants understand the impact returns have on e-commerce performance. Here’s a statistic: in Switzerland, when the fashion sector imports goods into Switzerland it has an expected return rate of up to 60%! It’s therefore essential that returns processes are optimised, work efficiently and reduce overall costs.


Reducing shipping costs in cross-border e-commerce

Complex logistics, expensive customs clearance, high administrative costs: exporting to Switzerland can be quite tricky for online retailers in cross-border e-commerce. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be.


Swiss customs allowance for fashion retailers - Save costs when exporting to Switzerland

E-commerce merchants in the fashion sector know that Switzerland is an extremely attractive target market. The high purchasing power and expensive prices at home make Swiss people like shopping abroad. In addition, special products and slow movers are often not available locally.


How can e-commerce logistics influence KPIs?

Logistics can improve or kill your e-commerce KPIs. In cross-border e-commerce this is the case ten times over! In this article you will learn which e-commerce KPIs are influenced by logistics, and learn how you can improve them.


How to successfully market logistics and increase KPIs

All online retailers want to improve their KPIs. Whether it’s conversion rate, referrals or repeat business, it is always possible to do more. However, few people know that their logistics and how they promote them can play an important role—particularly when it comes to Swiss trade.


Solution of export, DDP logistics for international traders

"Our biggest challenges for a successful export to Switzerland were import restrictions, cost-efficient processes and functioning DDP logistics.”


International e-commerce shipping simplified with Swiss Post

"The only questions that come up in our service center come from customers who can't believe that all fees are actually paid with the payment of the order."