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Determine now

1. Export to Switzerland or export from Switzerland?

Optimizer 4.0

Discover the optimal shipping solution for your online shop in four steps.

Answer 10 simple questions about your current shipping

The Optimizer asks you 10 simple questions about your current shipping process. This can be completed in two minutes.

Get optimisation suggestions

Based on your answers, the Optimizer 4.0 determines your optimal setup. It tells you how you can reduce your costs, but also how you can increase your customer satisfaction.

Free consultation

If you want to implement the suggestions immediately we would be happy to advise you with a free, no obligation consultation—and we promise not to annoy you with email or phone calls.

Save costs, increase customer satisfaction

After implementing the Optimizer 4.0’s suggestions you can reduce your logistics costs and improve the shopping experience of your customers, ensuring customer satisfaction and more repeat purchases.

Reduce your costs with the Optimizer 4.0

Online shops can save up to 63% in costs thanks to innovative shipping solutions. The optimiser asks you 10 questions and calculates your optimisation potential, delivering a result in Euros & Cents! How does it work? Find out now for free: