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For your online shop, EU customs clearance is a cumbersome time and cost accumulator when shipping to EU countries. Manual processing of customs clearance data is disproportionately expensive. And when it comes to customs, your EU customer has to pay the high costs and pay at the front door. If the customer is not at home, they must pick up the delivery themself.

IOSS shipping solution to the EU: Automated customs clearance

With the IOSS shipping solution, all customs clearance data is automatically transmitted via our system and forwarded to customs. This speeds up the customs clearance process and makes lengthy procedures at the border a thing of the past.

Save costs in the customs clearance process

Any VAT incurred by your import in the respective EU country is reflected in your shop and delivered with the help of the IOSS portal. This automated solution simplifies your customs clearance processes, you realise significant efficiency gains and ensure an optimal customer experience.

Everything from one source

Individualised and cleverly thought-out services for your entire shipping process within the EU - from your online shop to the doorstep of your customers. And if need be, back again.

Warehousing & Fu...
Customs clearanc...
Delivery in the ...
Data management
Return transport
Returns manageme...
Returns solution

Our warehousing & fulfilment services in Switzerland and abroad combine fulfilment and carrier into one unit - for the fastest and most cost-effective combination of fulfilment and pre-collection.

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You can deliver your items to our post offices throughout Switzerland or have them collected by us - without pre-sorting.

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Customs clearance: with the IOSS shipping solution, you create and calculate the VAT rate due in the country of destination in your shop. As a rule, the shipment no longer has to be cleared through customs in the recipient country and can be delivered directly to the recipient. Exceptio...

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Handling: Your goods can be posted as usual at any postal acceptance point and will be handed over to the postal company in the country of destination via the international letter centre or international parcel centre.

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You can choose from countless services offered by the respective postal companies with which Swiss Post works and offer them to your customers - from tracking to insurance.

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We take care of the return transport of your consignments to your warehouse - at the return frequency of your choice.

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Our e-commerce return management tool takes into account your requirements, your wishes for content checking and delivers reports tailored to your needs. Goods destruction is also possible.

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Genuine returns are brought back from the EU to your online shop in Switzerland. With the return label, your customer can post the item at any post office in their country.

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The Swiss Post Shipping platform integrates numerous logistics solutions. All data for forward logistics, import customs clearance, returns management and return customs clearance are managed via interface.

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Optimizer 4.0

The interactive Optimizer 4.0 tool shows you whether you can save money by using innovative shipping solutions. Compressed information on cross-border shipping options, customs clearance procedures and international returns solutions is also available.

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