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Import VAT exemption limits

Anyone who ships their products abroad is liable to pay e-commerce VAT. Here you can find out how to prevent your customers from paying annoying fees – and what rules apply in the different countries.


Green e-commerce through sustainable packaging

Sustainability is on everyone's lips today, and has long since ceased to be just a trend. Customers expect sustainability to be taken into account in e-commerce as well. One way of responding to your customer needs is sustainable packaging. In the following blog we give you tips on how you can package your products ecologically and score points with your customers.


The customer requirements for Swiss e-commerce

What’s necessary to make your online shop fit for shipping products to Switzerland? What are the customer requirements for Swiss e-commerce? Read on - because with our tips, your repurchase and referral rates will increase significantly.


Successful e-commerce with Germany

We’ll tell you the most important things about the market potential in Germany, show you how to adapt your website and your shipping service perfectly to German customers and give you many other tips for cross-border online retailing.


How does e-commerce work in France? We tell you!

Are you planning to sell the products on your web shop in France? To help you succeed, we’ve compiled the most important key data for the e-commerce France market. Un, deux, trois – let’s go!


How does e-commerce to Italy work? We tell you!

What do you have to consider if you want to sell and deliver your products and goods to Italy?  What distinguishes Italian online shoppers? What are the e-commerce trends in Italy? What else is there to consider for the e-commerce Italy market?


How does e-commerce work in Austria? We tell you!

What do Austrians value when they shop online? What do you have to pay attention to if you want to work in the Austrian market? In this blog, you will learn about all the important aspects for the e-commerce Austria market.