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VOC tax in Switzerland – what you need to know

It isn’t just coronavirus that’s posing challenges for e-commerce retailers. Swiss customs, too, can be a tricky customer. We’ll explain what the VOC incentive tax is, and where it applies.


The new “Webshop Connector” from Swiss Post


About the “WSC”

“WSC” is a cloud-based online service that allows webshops to connect directly to Swiss Post’s shipping and customs clearance platform. It means online retailers can print out the international delivery label for their orders directly and send the ITMATT or EAD data to Swiss Post. The data is subsequently forwarded to the destination countries.


Import VAT exemption limits

Anyone who ships their products abroad is liable to pay e-commerce VAT. Here you can find out how to prevent your customers from paying annoying fees – and what rules apply in the different countries.


Optimise the returns process for Importing Goods to Switzerland

Online merchants understand the impact returns have on e-commerce performance. Here’s a statistic: in Switzerland, when the fashion sector imports goods into Switzerland it has an expected return rate of up to 60%! It’s therefore essential that returns processes are optimised, work efficiently and reduce overall costs.


Reducing shipping costs in cross-border e-commerce

Complex logistics, expensive customs clearance, high administrative costs: exporting to Switzerland can be quite tricky for online retailers in cross-border e-commerce. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be.


Swiss customs allowance for fashion retailers - Save costs when exporting to Switzerland

E-commerce merchants in the fashion sector know that Switzerland is an extremely attractive target market. The high purchasing power and expensive prices at home make Swiss people like shopping abroad. In addition, special products and slow movers are often not available locally.


E-Commerce return rate in Switzerland - how to reduce it

The return rate has a direct influence on your costs in e-commerce. Even more complicated is the return handling in cross-border e-commerce. But not only that: Returns from abroad are also much more expensive. Learn how to reduce the returns rate in Switzerland and save cash.


Can e-commerce be eco-friendly? Your guide to sustainable logistics.

E-commerce and sustainability - for many a contradiction! For you too? Swiss Post shows you that e-commerce can also be environmentally friendly. This blog provides you with a guide on how to make your logistics more sustainable.


Eco-friendly online store: this is how it works!

In this blog we show you how to make your online shop more sustainable. And, by the way, exceed customer expectations by far!


Green e-commerce through sustainable packaging

Sustainability is on everyone's lips today, and has long since ceased to be just a trend. Customers expect sustainability to be taken into account in e-commerce as well. One way of responding to your customer needs is sustainable packaging. In the following blog we give you tips on how you can package your products ecologically and score points with your customers.


How can e-commerce logistics influence KPIs?

Logistics can improve or kill your e-commerce KPIs. In cross-border e-commerce this is the case ten times over! In this article you will learn which e-commerce KPIs are influenced by logistics, and learn how you can improve them.


How to successfully market logistics and increase KPIs

All online retailers want to improve their KPIs. Whether it’s conversion rate, referrals or repeat business, it is always possible to do more. However, few people know that their logistics and how they promote them can play an important role—particularly when it comes to Swiss trade.


Cross-border e-commerce: opportunities and calculable risks

Everyone is talking about cross-border e-commerce. Business without borders, growth without end – “the sky is the limit”, so to speak. It’s true: cross-border e-commerce is more topical than ever and offers almost unlimited opportunities.


The customer requirements for Swiss e-commerce

What’s necessary to make your online shop fit for shipping products to Switzerland? What are the customer requirements for Swiss e-commerce? Read on - because with our tips, your repurchase and referral rates will increase significantly.


VAT OSS and IOSS since 2021: a huge challenge for the swiss e-commerce

IOSS and OSS in e-commerce: Are you an online retailer and would you like to sell your products abroad carefree even in 2022? Then this blog is a must read! Don't worry, we will keep it short ...


Data quality in e-commerce: using data to optimize your own logistics

Data quality in e-commerce is one of the critical success factors. You should therefore pay very special attention to them. Because they have a direct influence on your profit. We will tell you why here.


E-commerce localization: How is it done

Global e-commerce and localization - do they even fit together? Before we answer this question in more detail, we'll ask a new one: What does Localization actually mean in cross-border e-commerce?


The impact of Brexit on international e-commerce

A year ago we looked at the current BREXIT situation, many things were unclear, and again and again the question, is the Brexit coming, will it be a hard Brexit and what does this mean


Successful e-commerce with Germany

We’ll tell you the most important things about the market potential in Germany, show you how to adapt your website and your shipping service perfectly to German customers and give you many other tips for cross-border online retailing.


What you must bear in mind when exporting your goods abroad

Just one click away from the product – that’s cross-border e-commerce! And 24/7, worldwide. The sky’s the limit. This also applies to your web shop. Here we’ll show you what you need to consider for e-commerce export.


How does e-commerce work in France? We tell you!

Are you planning to sell the products on your web shop in France? To help you succeed, we’ve compiled the most important key data for the e-commerce France market. Un, deux, trois – let’s go!


How does e-commerce to Italy work? We tell you!

What do you have to consider if you want to sell and deliver your products and goods to Italy?  What distinguishes Italian online shoppers? What are the e-commerce trends in Italy? What else is there to consider for the e-commerce Italy market?


How does e-commerce work in Austria? We tell you!

What do Austrians value when they shop online? What do you have to pay attention to if you want to work in the Austrian market? In this blog, you will learn about all the important aspects for the e-commerce Austria market.


Minimise customs duties and increase customer satisfaction with Swiss Post

"Customers are only satisfied when they get the goods quickly and without fuss."


Solution of export, DDP logistics for international traders

"Our biggest challenges for a successful export to Switzerland were import restrictions, cost-efficient processes and functioning DDP logistics.”


International e-commerce shipping simplified with Swiss Post

"The only questions that come up in our service center come from customers who can't believe that all fees are actually paid with the payment of the order."


Incoterms DDP and DAP

In cross-border e-commerce, the customs clearance Incoterms DDP and DAP are often referred to, but what do they actually mean, and why are they so important for you as an online retailer? We'll give you the lowdown! We’ll also explain why you can sell even more with DDP. Intrigued? Then keep reading!


Case Study Elephbo

It all started with a trip to Cambodia in South-east Asia. Nicolas Huxley noticed how carelessly cement bags were handled in this country: the plastic bags were lying in the streets, in meadows, in refuse dumps – but they always remained intact. This gave him the brilliant idea of making something out of these robust sacks.