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Cross-border e-commerce: How to export cost-effectively to Europe

When shipping internationally, you need to be aware of one thing - the logistics setup you choose has an even greater impact on your e-commerce KPIs than in national shipping! This fact is especially true in the Swiss context with customs clearance processes.

Swiss Post! Your shipping expert for Europe and the world

The world is small, paths are short. But even the smallest paths can have big stones in them. This is true for the transport of goods and especially for the international transport of goods. But don't worry: Swiss Post removes many obstacles for you and your team, company or start-up!

Shipping abroad: How to get the best for your customers

Every online trader is probably familiar with the stress of customs. Customs clearance costs don't make daily business any easier, but they are unavoidable: as soon as goods shipments cross the border abroad, you or the recipient inevitably have to pay taxes and customs clearance costs.