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Here you can find all the premium content we have created for you. You can download guides, whitepapers or checklists for free. The ultimate e-commerce knowledge for exporting to Switzerland but also for exporting from Switzerland! If you already have specific questions, please contact us..

Exporting to Switzerland

Switzerland offers e-commerce merchants unique sales opportunities. Swiss Post's white paper helps you master the challenges of logistics, customs regulations and returns management.

Export Checklist for the Swiss market

Have you recognised the purchasing power of the Swiss and the potential of the Swiss e-commerce market? Would you like to send your products to Switzerland as well? This list will help you meet all the important criteria and make your shop a success story.

Fiscal Representation in Switzerland

Every market has its individual challenges. This guide will explain why e-commerce merchants with a fiscal representative in Switzerland rise faster.

Optimised Logistics for Switzerland

In this guide you will learn everything about logistics you need to know in order to successfully export to Switzerland.

Export Checklist for Europe

What do you need to consider in order to export successfully from Switzerland and open up new markets?

Country Report Germany

Here you can find out everything about the preferences of German online shoppers.

Country Report France

Here you can find out everything about the preferences of French online shoppers.

Country report Italy

Here you can find out everything about the preferences of Italian online shoppers.

Country Report Austria

Here you can find out everything about the preferences of Austrian online shoppers.

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Der neue «Web Shop Connector» der Schweizerischen Post

Der «WSC» ist ein cloudbasierter Onlinedienst, mit dem sich Webshops direkt mit der Versand- und Verzollungsplattform der Schweizerischen Post verbinden können.

Einfuhrumsatzsteuer-Freigrenzen beim Export in die Schweiz

Einfuhrumsatzsteuer-Freigrenzen - Die Post

Wer seine Produkte ins Ausland verschickt, bezahlt (E-Commerce) Umsatzsteuern. Hier erfährst Du, wie Du Deine Kundinnen und Kunden von lästigen Gebühren befreist – und was in den verschiedenen Ländern gilt. 

Geld sparen im Cross Border E-Commerce

Versandkosten senken im Cross Border E-Commerce - Die Post

Komplexe Logistik, teure Verzollung, hoher administrativer Aufwand: Der Export in die Schweiz kann für Onlinehändler im Cross Border E-Commerce ganz schön tricky sein. Das Schöne: Muss er gar nicht.