The “Web Shop Connector International”: Label generation for small goods up to 2kg

Are you an e-commerce retailer with one of the three most common shop software solutions (Magento2, WooCommerce or Shopify) and mainly use our small goods international product in the letter channel up to max. 2kg? Then connect to our “Webshop Connector International” to create shipping labels and post documents.
Claudia Patocchi  |  10.07.2024  |  Time to read 3 Min


With our cloud-based “Webshop Connector International” (WSC) online service, online retailers can easily connect their webshop using a plug-in solution and create the international CN22 barcode label for their consignments in the small goods channel up to 2 kg and generate and print out the associated documents for Swiss Post’s acceptance points.


The web shops are then connected directly with the Swiss Post shipping and customs clearance platform and the mandatory electronic data (ITMATT or EAD data) is correctly transmitted to the respective recipient country prior to dispatch. Each consignment receives a barcode as identification. The tracking number then becomes immediately visible in the online shop and can be forwarded to the recipient (please note: L and R barcodes only). The online shop operator also receives an overview of all consignments and can view and track them at any time. If a consignment does not have an additional tracking product such as Priority Plus (L barcode) or registered mail (R barcode), an identification number starting with “U'’ (for “untracked”) is generated. This means that the consignment can be identified for customs clearance and all other postal processes, but no service (i.e. tracking data) is available for the sender or recipient.

Reduce delays

The “WSC” offers Swiss online retailers an automated solution for the mandatory sending of consignment data. The data is guaranteed to be complete, ensuring there are no delays in delivery due to a lack of consignment data. 


Thanks to “WSC”, it is also possible to transmit the tax number (IOSS for EU Member States, UK VAT number and UK EORI number for the UK) directly. This is also good for the customer, as the import duties due (VAT, customs duties if applicable, handling costs) have already been paid by the seller and in most cases they do not incur any additional costs upon receipt (DDP shipping, import duties paid by the sender).


The “WSC” creates the international CN22 barcode label, regardless of whether it is a consignment to the EU or overseas.


The “WSC” in a nutshell in our explanatory video:  


The following products are compatible with the “WSC”: 


The following types of shop software are compatible with the “WSC”: 

  • Magento 2 
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • There is also the option of a simple manual upload via Excel file for those using a different shop software solution who still want to automate creation of their CN22 barcode labels and documents.

The ideal solution for SMEs

The “WSC” is available to all customers as an online service in the customer portal and can be linked to their own webshop with just a few clicks.


The “WSC” is the best solution for SMEs who do not want to develop their own plug-ins, but need to meet the requirements of international shipping for small goods up to 2 kg. 


The “WSC” supports the worldwide dispatch of Priority small goods consignments. In other words, mail items weighing up to 2 kg and with a cumulative maximum width, height and length of 90 cm (longest side max. 60 cm). The shipping value may not exceed CHF 1,000. The recipients can be private or business customers. Other products for export such as PostPac International parcel labels are not supported by the “WSC”. For each of our export products, we provide the option of creating export labels and documents either via our online services or API interfaces. For the PostPac International product, for example, we provide a separate API interface or our “Create waybills (on account)” online service.

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