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  • The new “Webshop Connector” from Swiss Post

Online Shop

The “Webshop Connector” from Swiss Post

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In the online shop, the tracking number then becomes immediately visible and can be forwarded to the recipient. The online shop operator also receives an overview of all consignments and can view and track them at any time.


Reduce delays

The “WSC” offers Swiss online retailers an automated solution for the man-datory sending of consignment data. The data is guaranteed to be complete, ensuring there are no delays in delivery due to missing consignment data.

What’s more, thanks to the “WSC”, it is possible to send the tax number (IOSS, UK VAT, and UK EORI number) directly. This also pleases the customers, as the value added tax due has already been paid and in most cases no additional costs come up at delivery.

The “WSC” in a nutshell in our explanatory video:

And last but not least, the “WSC” also creates the international delivery label, regardless of whether it is a consignment to the EU or overseas.

The following types of shop software are compatible with the “WSC”:

  • Magento 2
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

There is the option of a manual upload via Excel file.

The ideal solution for SMEs

The “WSC” is available to all customers as an online service in the customer portal and can be linked to their own webshop with just a few clicks.

The “WSC” is the best solution for SMEs who do not want to develop their own plug-ins, but need to meet the requirements of international shipping.

The “WSC” supports the worldwide dispatch of Priority small goods consign-ments. In other words, mail items weighing up to 2 kg and with a maximum width, height and length of 90 cm. The shipping value may not exceed CHF 1'000. The recipients can be private or business customers. The “WSC” does not support parcel labels yet.

Still having some questions? Let's answer them!


About the “WSC”

“WSC” is a cloud-based online service that allows web-shops to connect directly to Swiss Post’s shipping and customs clearance platform. It means online retailers can print out the international delivery label for their orders directly and send the ITMATT or EAD data to Swiss Post. The data is subsequently forwarded to the destination countries.


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