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  • Minimise customs duties and increase customer satisfaction with Swiss Post


Minimise customs duties and increase customer satisfaction with Swiss Post

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Crazy Factory, an online retailer in the jewelry and accessories sector, relies entirely on Swiss Post's DDP shipping for cross-border e-commerce. The reason for the customer-friendly pre-clearance is simple, says Crazy Factory’s Managing Director Jan Urban: "Customers are only satisfied when they receive the goods quickly and without any effort."

An uncleared shipment is therefore out of the question for the online merchant. In this case, the recipient would have to pay unexpected VAT and customs duties at the door.

"This would lead to customer complaints," says Jan.

The fact that the company delivers pre-paid duty is not explicitly mentioned on the Crazy Factory website - "for our customers, this is a matter of course.”

Crazy Factory relies entirely on Swiss Post for customs clearance in Switzerland.

"Swiss Post is a reliable partner that has a good tool for traders who ship cross-border."

According to Urban, the technical connection plays just as important a role as Swiss Post many locations.


Price-conscious customers are very attentive

Urban is convinced that pre-customs clearance is very important. Crazy Factory had never done a performance analysis, but they knew that sales would not have grown as quickly if the shipments had been sent duty unpaid.

"Our price-conscious customers are particularly attentive. If they had to pay additional VAT and customs duties, our business model would not be so successful.”

Crazy Factory has always delivered duty paid goods - in the past via collective customs clearance. VAT and customs duty had to be paid, but "with the Swiss Post solution we no longer pay customs duty because we benefit from the duty-free limit of EUR 150!”

Thanks to the well-coordinated transport to Switzerland and the Priority Service, we achieve a delivery time of 48 hours from Northern Europe to the whole of Switzerland - making Mailbox Plus very attractive.

Crazy Factory ensures the collection by air freight, and Swiss Post then transports the goods from Zurich airport.

"The technical processes are well coordinated," says Urban, happily.


All Swiss advice

And what about counseling? How well did Crazy Factory feel looked after?

"The communication and the accessibility of the people in charge were optimal - Swiss values," says Urban with a wink.

"We have found a reliable partner in Swiss Post and feel well looked after all round."

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"Customers are only satisfied when they get the goods quickly and without fuss."