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We show you how you can efficiently save costs in your Swiss business.

Save up to 60% on shipping costs and reach Switzerland with ease

Importing into Switzerland can seem complicated and expensive, but we'll show you that it's worth sticking with it! With our six ways to save, you can avoid opportunity cost traps and deliver your goods to Switzerland without much effort.

No more customs formalities - we'll do it for you!

We know that the logistics of international shipping are often very complex and you can quickly lose track of everything. But don't worry, we'll help you master all the steps and automatically arrange the customs clearance of your goods. This means your customers no longer have to pay customs duty at the door and there are no more exorbitant admin costs.

Avoid returns and delivery delays

Save yourself the hassle and time of delayed deliveries and returns. Download our cost-saving whitepaper now and become a successful e-commerce merchant in Switzerland!


Saving opportunities

We show you 6 different ways to save money and go into detail with case studies.


Customer loyalty

By offering your customers fast and reliable delivery to Switzerland, you can improve customer loyalty.


Opportunity costs

This white paper will help you avoid the opportunity cost traps and make your business more successful in the long run.


Time saving

The savings opportunities save you a lot of time in the logistics and customs clearance of your goods, as you no longer have to worry about these complex tasks.

Avoid opportunity cost traps and maximise profits:

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Your cross-border e-commerce opportunity in Switzerland!

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Special challenges as an online retailer in shipping processes, shipping logistics and customs clearance: together we will quickly find out whether and how we can simplify and optimise your international business. Choose your preferred date and we will invite you to a non-binding online appointment! If you think our services are the right fit for your business, we'll keep in touch. And only then.

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Dominique Mantoan

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