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Swiss Post has a worldwide network of branches that offer fulfillment on demand. Since the filler and carrier form a single unit, we guarantee the fastest and most cost-effective combination of fulfillment and pre-collection. You also benefit from simplified logistics, while the efficient collection process shortens your delivery times.


The branches of our global network organise cost-effective pre-collection by truck or air freight. What’s more, if you’re shipping a mixture of letters and parcels, there’s no need to presort them—we can do that for you. If you’re sending smaller volumes, we can even pick these up for you.This reduces transit times and allows you to delight your customers with short delivery times, for example 48 hours end-to-end for shipping from the EU to Switzerland.

Customs clearance

You benefit from two fully automated customs clearance options: collective and individual customs clearance. All customs data is automatically transmitted via API interface and forwarded by us for customs clearance. Customs duties and VAT are collected by Swiss customs, and since customs clearance takes place during the collection, we avoid lengthy procedures at the border.


Your goods are checked in at one of our entry points—Zurich or Geneva. From there, the required confirmation of the receipt of goods at customs takes place. We then separate the letter and parcel channels and feed the deliveries into the respective channel. This means you only have to control one single process when shipping to Switzerland, significantly reducing your logistics effort.

LMD – Last Mile Delivery

Swiss Post offers the highest delivery quality worldwide. Your items will be delivered to your customer within 24 hours of handling at our Zurich or Geneva entry points, while DDP customs clearance means your customers won’t have to pay at their front door, greatly increasing first delivery rates—leading to fewer returns and lower costs for you!

FMD – First Mile Delivery

Your customers can hand in their returns at one of 3,903 drop-off points in Switzerland. Swiss Post will then take them to the Asendia Switzerland returns hub where they will be processed as agreed with you. After customs clearance, the items are consolidated and returned to you.

Returns management

Our e-commerce return management tool makes this process simple and inexpensive, while taking into account your requirements for content verification or the destruction of goods if necessary. You can decide which steps you take yourself and which are handled by the post office.

Back customs clearance

Customs clearance is based on the logistics and customs clearance data of the goods you’re shipping into Switzerland. Since we already have this data, we can efficiently handle the customs clearance for you automatically, claiming back paid duties and taxes in your favour. As a result, you minimise your effort, as well as the losses caused by returns.

Return transport

We will organise the transport of your returns from Switzerland to your online shop, or warehouse in the country of origin, as often as required. Your logistics costs are optimised thanks to the entire returns handling process being provided by one source—from First Mile Delivery, returns management and customs clearance, through to the arrival of the returns in your shop.

“Mailbox Plus” The efficient all-in-one process

We unite the letter and parcel channel - including automated customs clearance

  • Cost-optimised delivery through the combined use of letter and parcel channel. 
  • Fully automated individual and collective customs clearance.
  • Customs clearance during collection, meaning no long customs clearance procedures at the border.
  • 48 hours end-to-end from the EU to Switzerland.
  • No payment of customs and value added tax at the front door thanks to DDP customs clearance.
  • 3,903 return drop-off points in Switzerland.
  • Automated customs clearance and return transport.

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All stakeholders involved in the day-to-day business are introduced to the processes and communications using proven templates

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Before we go live, we will do various test runs, depending on your wishes, so that everything works perfectly at launch.


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Note: Products and services import, which are not offered by Post CH AG itself, are provided in cooperation with the joint venture Asendia. 

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